Thursday, March 22, 2018

GOD IS ON THE MOVE (Camp Vision & Mission)

God wants to reveal His story in ours. He is teaching us to love well and adapt to cultural differences. 

Most importantly, His sovereign hand is guiding us as we pray and make plans for Campamento Río Naranjo!  

Great vision casting and primer pasos (first steps) have taken place.

The property sits in between the Tenorio and Miravalles volcanoes. Lush, green and windy describe this unique area.

Rio Naranjo is  located in the Guanacaste province - 3.5 hrs NE of the country's capital city, San Jose.

Primarily - Discipleship! A disciple of Jesus is one who follows, learns, worships, serves and is a witness. Jesus commissioned his disciples saying "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:19-20)

HOW will this be accomplished and WITH WHOM?
Because the camp is owned by the AIBC, most of the discipleship programming will focus on ministering to nationals from the many partnering churches in this association - children, families, teens, young adults and the pastors themselves.

Initially, continuing to collaborate with these churches (to implement specific strategy) is very important!! We have many pastors and leaders to meet with, especially in the area closest to the camp property to seek what they need most for their congregations and communities. The next several months (and years!) will be spent building relationships and friendships within these churches.

Curriculum and ideas for new programming:  
  • Timothy Training - Each church can elect future leaders to begin the training at the camp. They will then be responsible for training others in their locality.  The goal is to train disciples who will train disciples and continue to grow the local body of believers.
  • Utilizing Third Millennium we will offer leadership development and pastoral training. 
  • Family camps
  • Mens and womens retreats
  • Pastors conference 
  • Youth concerts and camps 
  • Day camps for public and private schools - (4-5 hr programs which will include a fun day of learning and lunch). English as a 2nd language is part of the normal curriculum in Costa Rica.  Because the country is predominantly Catholic, there is very little resistance to including the gospel of Jesus Christ while teaching English. 

Camp facility updates and goals: Rio Naranjo is 3 ½ hours from 80% of the AIBC churches in Costa Rica.  In its current state the facility is not viable or even desirable for people to travel the distance.  So, to make this endeavor worth it – there is no choice but to update!
  • The AIBC has already begun initial TLC (fresh paint, new windows, plumbing, etc.)
  • Kitchen will require new equipment and appliances.
  • New bathrooms and shower facilities are needed.
  • Installation of pool, playground equipment and new picnic area.
  • Make b'ball court usable - remove layer of wind/rain-swept dirt, change boards & rims  
  • Sustainable energy projects (solar and wind generators).

Leadership and staff goals: 
  • The AIBC has asked Aaron to be Camp Director. We prayerfully agreed with the understanding that a Costa Rican Assistant Director is needed. 
  • Appoint a new committee of individuals who will function specifically as the camp board.
  • Fill various positions: Cook, Administrative staff, Facilities supervisor, Program staff, Project Development manager, interns, etc… with missionaries from the various churches.  This will reduce the overhead needed to run the camp.

Funding: (How much will it cost, and how soon can we do it all?  Costs and projections are still being evaluated, but the initial investment is estimated around 150k.) 

As we move forward we will be in the process of creating project opportunities to give towards, ie. playground, pool, sports or sound equipment, etc.  We desire to easily allow giving from whomever feels led and the potential for welcoming future short-term mission teams - while also maintaining the incentive for the AIBC churches to truly build this ministry!

Yes, God is on the move! Would you pray for the 90 pastors of the AIBC churches and the future of Campamento Río Naranjo? 

Maybe the Lord will ask you to visit one day, give generously towards a building project or PRAY POWERFULLY for this mission. 

We pray for the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to be made known to all who come to Campamento Río Naranjo